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Accredited in the capital market authority

Firm Profile

Fatima Saqr Al-Roshoud Firm (Chartered Accountants & Consultants), a member of Leading Edge Alliance, was established on 7/3/2013. However, the founder’s experience, which she had through her career with Ministry of Finance for more than sixteen years, makes among the leading global audit firms thanks to up-to-date techniques and standards in view of rapidly changing and developing professional world with changing laws and accounting standards. Therefore, gained confidence of several businesses and organizations in State of Kuwait.

Affiliation with Leading Edge Alliance

Alliance, which is the second largest international association in the world and classified as one of the big ten global audit firms. LEA Global firms operate from more than 586 offices in over 118 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Pacific.

Registration with Capital Markets Authority

has been registered in Auditors Register for companies regulated by Capital Markets Authority.

Firm’s Activities


Our objectives in audit activities are not limited to expressing opinion on the financial statements only; rather, the extensive experience of our staff members enabled them to provide corporate managements with useful suggestions that will develop accounting and financial systems in light of applicable accounting standards in State of Kuwait. Companies and corporations need consultants and auditors who understand nature of their business, work towards achieving their strategies and reflect such concepts in the engagement approach.

provides all audit and review services to a wide variety of private companies and corporations and listed companies as per globally accredited up-to-date audit programs pursuant to International Accounting Standards.

develops accounting systems and methods for enhancing the accounting financial cycle in such companies and corporations, which the Firm provides during performance of financial and accounting audit and review procedures.


  • Our wide expertise in the accounting market conditions ensures that we will provide professional specialist reports on economics and accounting including the following:
  • Provide Financial advisory services and development of accounting and financial systems for companies and corporations according to their business objectives
  • Provide advice concerning financial, economic and management feasibility studies including all integrated studies (marketing, survey, technical, management, financial, legal, environmental, social and economic studies)
  • Provide advisory services focusing on bourse activities, provide advice and methods for managing and enhancing accounting systems for such companies Commercial arbitration services
  • Provide advice to companies and corporations protecting them against risks that they may encounter, through technical experience that our consultants have and assist our clients with avoiding such risks that may affect their financial position; and
  • Train and qualify human resources in all fields for new joiners and develop training programs in all areas including building internal, traditional and up-to-date control systems as well as the relevant control regulations, techniques and reports on risk assessments.

Tax Services

has special department catering to foreign companies operating in State of Kuwait, which are subject to Income Tax Law that requires submission of tax declarations as per the audited financial statements of such companies to Ministry of Finance, Tax Department.

has extensive experience in this business line in terms of preparation, submission or follow-up of tax declarations and tax assessments for the foreign companies, and securing final tax clearances for the Firm’s clients through this independent tax department.

Revaluation of Financial Position of Insolvent Companies

has a team of consultants and professionals specialized in corporate restructuring and evaluation of corporate financial position with view to exiting financial crises they face through creating solutions for such issues and rapidly avoiding the consequent risks in proper and sound manner, which ultimately result in such companies regaining their ability to pay their liabilitie

Expert Investigations in Ministry of Justice

has special department of (accounting experts) relating to the activities of (Experts Department in Ministry of Justice) to attend the (experts’) sessions, write accounting and financial memoranda for the lawsuits in which our Firm is engaged to defend the principal and write memoranda and replies provided in a lawsuit before the experts prepare accounts and financial statements provided in such lawsuits as well as preparing financial memoranda in reply to the opponent’s memorandums submitted to the experts in Experts Department in Ministry of Justice covering the whole process up to closure of the lawsuits and appearing before experts in all phases of a lawsuit including First Instance, Appeal and Cassation Courts in case a lawsuit is remanded or referred to Experts Department in Ministry of Justice.

Trademarks, Intellectual Property & Patents Services

has special department of (accounting experts) relating to the The Firm has a department, which is concerned with trademarks, intellectual property and patents. This department operates under the name (YIP Group) for registration of trademarks and patents.

has long experience in this field and holds international agency for trademarks (IP Group). We currently handle trademarks and protect the same against unlawful use of by any persons, companies or businesses

Our Services

international accounting standards given serious difficulties facing companies in applying and interpreting such standards. Therefore, all companies and businesses have begun to pay attention to their accounting systems in an attempt to avoid such risks.

Since we are fully aware of risks encountering companies and businesses, we have technical experience and ability to help our clients manage such risks effectively through providing in-house independent department to carry out the following activities:

  • Accounting activities and issuance and financial statements for companies and preparing balance sheets and Zakat statements
  • Provide corporate entity evaluation service in order to arrive at fair value of assets
  • Prepare, approve and submit tax declarations concerning National Labor Support Law
  • Provide advice and opinion on specific sectors or certain in-depth opinions relating to other services required by our client businesses to assist them with attaining success in accounting and banking areas
  • Commercial arbitration services;
  • Honest Advisor Service, which is based on simplified financial and economic advice on the financial and accounting performance of companies being inspected and conduct assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses – as well as providing recommendations and suggestions about management of such businesses in cases of inheritance and providing necessary solutions in cases of estate administration for widows, heirs and minors; and
  • Financial analysis of balance sheets and provision of the necessary recommendations and solutions to address any potential deviations.

Technical Programs & Services

provides financial, accounting and economic services to address negative aspects in all fields and develop suitable solutions through extensive technical expertise that our consultants and accounting experts have in order to provide finance departments in leading companies, businesses and organizations with helpful suggestions that would develop and update their financial systems. Such departments need advisors and auditors who understand nature of their business, achieve their strategies and reflect such concepts in their business approach based on globally accredited up-to-date audit programs pursuant to International Accounting Standards.

contributes, within State of Kuwait framework, to developing human resources with view to training, qualifying national human resources and enhancing their accounting and financial abilities. Our integrated training package is designed to prepare those resources as accountants and financial controllers who demonstrate professional performance as per best practices and accounting standards. This represents a key factor on which State of Kuwait’s strategy is based during the coming period to develop Kuwaiti human resources and transfer expertise, skills and knowledge as per up-to-date international practices